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Jun 26, 2018


0:00:30 Disney Counter Offers Comcast for 20th Century Fox
0:01:16 Creed 2 Trailer
0:03:55 Jackson's Late "Her" Review
0:07:35 TMNT reboot
0:11:18 Spider-Man sequel title revealed
0:12:38 Lucasfilm reportedly not making Yoda origin film
0:14:55 Weekend Box Office

0:17:46 Luke Cage season 2 review (SPOILER FREE)
0:29:41 Voltron Season 6 review (SPOILER FREE)
0:32:53 Won't You Be My Neighbor Review (SPOILER FREE)
0:35:05 Won't You Be My Neighbor Review SPOILERS
0:39:18 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Review
0:51:05 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom SPOILERS


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